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Question: OK! So what does an entertainment company know about electrical services?

Answer: Way more than we should!

Question: So how did an entertainment company get to provide electrical services?

Answer: Our company got into providing electrical services, early in the 1990's, purely on the need to provide adequate power when updating the sound and lighting systems at most of the clubs we were affiliated with. It always seems that plug that used to run the simple stereo was always connected to half the establishment. Because we were able to make this affordable and did such a high level of work, we would always be called back to do more upgrades or solve other problems. Some of those other problems would involve anything from installing phone or cable lines to high-end security. Fortunately, we have always been a company very in-touch with the latest technologies and very much able to perform these services.

When combining these services with some of our others, we are also able to provide to corporations seeking state-of-the-art conference, meeting, and convention services of the highest quality. We are also able to consult and install virtually any type of presentation environment that a client could want.

It has always been because we provide such a high level of work, and do so affordably, that we have been able to establish this area of our company just like the rest. We have also been able to rely on a word-of-mouth following that has sustained us even to this day.

Question: Who would want an entertainment company providing electrical services?

Answer: Anyone looking for a reliable company to maintain their electric or electronic resources, and is willing to explore options as to how to make it affordable should consider using us. Also, because we provide such a wide range of services in this area we can provide services as either integrated as a part of a project, or as a single element.

* All our work is 100% guaranteed. We will come to you for a free estimate.

Servicing Allegheny and surrounding counties only.

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